Prima Pop was created by Amy DiPrima, Mike Gardula and our six sons.  Our dream was to open our own fun family owned and operated business.   On any given day you can find us at our shop with our six sons who are excited to greet customers and help them with their Prima Pop experience!

Prima Pop is a retail gourmet popcorn shop located in The Village of Victor NY.

We currently offer 26 delicious flavors made fresh daily, with new flavors added monthly. We coat and infuse flavor into our popcorn which creates a truly incredible product.

What we really enjoy at Prima Pop is when our customers visit our shop and tell us that they could smell the popcorn outside and needed to see where it was coming from. Once in our shop our customers eyes join the noses happiness as they see and smell our colorful popcorn displayed everywhere!

We encourage all of our customers to sample all our flavors to help them find the flavor that is right for them!

A few of our most popular flavors include Hot Wing and Ranch, Kettle, Salt and Vinegar and Blue Raspberry.

Some of our customers will pick a flavor and stay with it, others try new items every week while others just can't decide so they will mix flavors to create a unique to them bag of popcorn.

Family Owned Fun